The Throat

The throat is responsible for speech, swallowing and breathing.

Common disorders of the throat which we treat include:

    • This is very common in the pediatric population. In most cases, if a child is having sleep disordered breathing, or recurrent infections we will consider removing the tonsils. In adults, tonsil problems are less common, and more worrisome when they occur. We are happy to see you and help with your tonsil concerns.

    • We often see patients for a chronic cough. Once you has seen your primary doctor and ruled out a lung source for your cough, your doctor may ask you to see us. Most commonly a chronic cough is due to silent reflux and will respond to medication. It is also possible it is due to your sinuses, a medication or a problem with your vocal cords. We are able to see your vocal cords to get insight into the cause of the cough.

    • This can be due to your sinuses, a dry mouth or due to silent reflux. In most cases, post nasal drip due to your sinuses will occur with excess mucous in the nose as well. In cases where the nose is fine, but your have the sensation of post nasal drip, it is more commonly due to silent reflux which generally responds to medication. To make this determination we can do an endoscopy of the nose and throat to find the source for the mucous.

    • This can be caused by many different problems. When it does occur, we can do an endoscopy to assess your vocal chords.

    • This also can be caused by many different issues. A work up for this may involve an endoscopy, and a swallowing study to determine the cause.